Saving Money & Reducing Carbon with LED Lighting!

At Lotus Energy, we provide cutting-edge lighting upgrades for business owners and personal homes alike. Our industrial grade and retail model L.E.D.'s can save up to 80% of lighting costs and help improve and streamline the use of electrical energy in your home. We offer business grants, R.O.I reports, and upcycling services to meet the needs of our customers as head-on as possible.

We have our top people on the job. Our lighting staff works hard to find the right lighting option and the best incentive amount for each unique customer’s needs. Let us help you discover the most cost effective retrofitting, upcycling, or new fixtures options available today.


Lotus Energy has been installing solar panels and efficient lighting technologies since 1993. Our focus on quality, safety, and innovation is what has brought tens of thousands of customers fulfillment (and a lower energy bill).

Over 25 years ago, Jeevan Goff, the founder of Lotus, traveled across the world to Nepal on a Wildlife Exploration project. He stayed there for 17 years. After helping his team engineer and maintain an off-grid solar system for animal tracking and research equipment, he began designing off-grid solar lighting systems for small villages. In 1997, Lotus became one of the first to start manufacturing white L.E.D. light bulbs. After electrifying over 40,000 off-grid village homes and remote facilities, Jeevan migrated back to Hudson, NY, where he opened United States Branch of Lotus Lighting.

“After successfully electrifying some of the most remote locations on Earth using reliable and affordable solar energy, we felt it was time for Lotus Energy to bring sophisticated carbon reducing technology to the mainstream in the USA as well. The Hudson Valley of New York was a logical choice because of the sustainable, organic, rural lifestyle that the people of this region are noted for.”

-James R. “Jeevan” Goff, President