Saving Money & Reducing Carbon with LED Lighting!

Working side by side with your local utility company Lotus Energy is helping businesses discover how to gain grants that go toward product costs for efficient lighting. Our industrial grade and retail model L.E.D.'s can save building managers and business owners up to 80% of lighting energy costs and help improve lighting conditions.

A lighting consultant will present samples to help match or improve the existing lighting environment with efficient lighting options. Our team will research utility incentives available, complete all applications, and present you with the authorized incentive amount awarded from your local utility company.


Lotus Energy has been installing solar and efficient lighting technologies since 1993, with thousands of customers. Our focus is on quality, safety, and satisfied clients. We start by listening to your needs, designing some attractive options for you, and giving you the most expert and honest advice in the region. We aren’t some big national marketing/finance company, nor a lone practitioner with a sample case; we are your trusted source for complete and honest efficiency upgrades.

Over 25 years ago the founder of Lotus Energy, Jeevan, traveled across the world to Nepal on a wildlife exploration project. Soon after helping his team engineer and maintain an off-grid solar system for animal tracking and research equipment; he began designing off-grid solar lighting systems for small villages. Later on Lotus became one of the first to start manufacturing white L.E.D. light bulbs in late 1997. After electrifying over 40,000 off-grid village homes and remote facilities, he moved back to the United States to Hudson NY, which is an excellent location for solar energy and efficient technology upgrades.