Great L.E.D. Lamp idea video donated from a Local Customer

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-Build an Efficient Lamp with Any Object
-Get More Use out of your Existing Fixture with Accessories
-Add Dimming, Remote, and Motion Sensor Controls
-Find Adapters for any Bulb
-Design Ambient Spot and Back Lighting Fixtures

Products you can find at 703 Warren Street Hudson NY

HID Replacement Fixtures
( Wall pack, High bay, Low bay, canapoy, parking lot, pole-top)
HID Replacement Bulbs
(corncob, plates, high Lumen Screw Ins)
(Other Categories)
A - Series, PAR - Series, BR - Series, C/B - Series, S, G - Series, MRGU10 - Series, MRGU5.3 - Series, MRGU4- Series, T - Series
(Standard - Spots/Floods - Vintage)
Tube Lighting
Socket Adapters & Extensions
Electrical Lamp Parts
(sockets, wires, switches, dimmers)
Color GEL Options 
Tape Lighting
Magnetic Strip Lighting
Other LED Product (fairy lights, light wheel)
Control Switches & Accessories
( timers, motion sensor, remote switches)
Tracks & Recessed Cans
Exit Signs
Lamp Body Parts