Hudson NY Business Owners
Reducing Carbon Emissions

Working with Lotus Energy 140 businesses are collectively saving this small river city over 1,500,000 lbs. of Carbon Emissions annually for the next 10 years!

How did they do it?

By carefully choosing efficient technology that did not compromise the warm charm of this wonderful historic district. This was made possible working with a local consultant, Lotus Energy, who filtered through the many options in L.E.D. lighting to match or improve the visual look of many antique shops, art galleries, and restaurants.

Cost Involved?

Business owners gained funding for thier lighting upgrades that paid up to 95% of the total product costs; most experiencing a Return on Out of Pocket Investment within the first year!


-Desire to reduce energy without reducing the quality of design.
-Need for funding to help with costs to upgrade.


-High Color Rendering & Specific Color Temperature L.E.D. products
-Utility Incentive processed by Lotus Energy
Special Thanks to:

All of the Business Owners that took the time to consider current improvements in efficient L.E.D. technology.