Hudson NY's Totally Off Grid Public Park

Charles William Park Case Study, by Lotus Solar

Goal: To provide the most cost effective long term solution for an electrical lighting system to a public park.

Preexisting Conditions: No electricity and no infrastructure for access to city electrical wiring

Major Options Considered:

1. Providing electricity via traditional utility company wiring.

2. Producing energy with solar and battery backup


no evening lighting, no electrical access, high cost of installing electrical infrastructure


Totally Off Grid Solar System, Battery Backup, Dusk Till Dawn Lighting Controls, Low Voltage, Durable L.E.D. Lighting,

System Features:
12V DC system, Comprised of 2 solar panels (300W), Battery back-up for, 3 days autonomously, in case of cloudy weather

Installing a small totally off grid system powered by the sun turned out to cost far less then paying for traditional electricity. Power lines, groundwork, and a new meter to gain power by the local utility are just a few of the avoided expenses. The City of Hudson and the Hudsons Developement Corporation are one of the first in Upstate New York to pave the way; taking advantage of earth friendly efficient technologies to experience a return on investment compared to alternative options. Hudson NY's public is now enjoying the luxury of evening lighting at Charles Williams Park without ever receiving an electric bill from its local utility National Grid.

Benefits to the Public

  • Lighting at sundown
  • More time for public use
  • Night time exposure for increased safety and reduced loitering