We carry a wide variety of Commercial and Residential L.E.D. light bulbs, fixtures, and compatible adapters to perfect your lighting atmospheres and lamp creations.

Offering a great range of options with EnergyStar and DesignLightConsortium products to maintain the highest standards in Safety and Efficiency recommended for all business applications and grant eligibility.

Great L.E.D. Lamp idea video donated from a Local Customer

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-Build an Efficient Lamp with Any Object
-Get More Use out of your Existing Fixture with Accessories
-Add Dimming, Remote, and Motion Sensor Controls
-Find Adapters for any Bulb
-Design Ambient Spot and Back Lighting Fixtures

Products you can find at 703 Warren Street Hudson NY

HID Replacement Fixtures
( Wall pack, High bay, Low bay, canapoy, parking lot, pole-top)
HID Replacement Bulbs
(corncob, plates, high Lumen Screw Ins)
(Other Categories)
A - Series, PAR - Series, BR - Series, C/B - Series, S, G - Series, MRGU10 - Series, MRGU5.3 - Series, MRGU4- Series, T - Series
(Standard - Spots/Floods - Vintage)
Tube Lighting
Socket Adapters & Extensions
Electrical Lamp Parts
(sockets, wires, switches, dimmers)
Color GEL Options 
Tape Lighting
Magnetic Strip Lighting
Other LED Product (fairy lights, light wheel)
Control Switches & Accessories
( timers, motion sensor, remote switches)
Tracks & Recessed Cans
Exit Signs
Lamp Body Parts