L.E.D. Upgrade Consultation

We can be reached anytime via phone email or at our local shop for free no pressure consultation about anything L.E.D.. Tell us about your current lighting problem or creative vision and we will guide you toward the best efficient solution. With so many great options with colors, beam angles, brightness, safety, compatibility and styles a little help from a specialist goes a long way.

Energy Savings Reporting

Sometimes all you need is the right information to make sure you will truly benefit from a total LED lighting upgrade both financially and visually. With a few details about your current bulbs wattages, total number of bulbs, how long they are running, and what utility services; we will show you what your current spending is in lighting every month verses how much you will save after an upgrade. With L.E.D.s you can save up to 80% of your current spending for an average of 10 years. Find out how long it will take for your new LED bulbs to pay for themselves.

Grant Discovery Processing

Funds are sourced through the New York State Public Service Commission's Systems Benefits Charge (SBC) contributions paid by most utility companies toward a range of industry improvements. In most cases incentive applicants incur an out of pocket costs of up to 70% off. Some up to 95% off! To discover the best L.E.D.s for your environment along with the greatest incentives to help with costs call 518-828-3105 ext 2 .

Lighting Installation

We are ready to install new lighting fixtures or upgrade existing fixtures L.E.D. compatibility whenever you need. Licensed electricians are available as well as low cost help for simple "screw-in" (no wiring) situations that may be difficult to service.

Hazardous Fluorescent Lamp Disposal

If your existing lamps still have some life in them we will remove, pack, and make all attempts to donate and give away for more useful applications. Otherwise we make sure they are properly disposed and/or recycled at a waste management facility. Email quantity and style information to info@lotusenergy.com for a quote.

Custom Lamp Design

Visit our shop at 703 Warren Street and create your own L.E.D. lamp! Or easily shop here for everything you need to assemble your creations at home. Email or call with photos and ideas for assistance anytime. We have objects to start with or you may bring up-cycled and forgotten items back to life this year. Simply prop pre wired sockets onto your objects or hide thin wired tiny sockets in any object to create a masterpiece. We also carry tape lighting that can be cut to any length for limitless area, task, and creative lighting applications.