Financing Options

When a Return on Investment can be realized immediately, banks and other lenders can’t wait to present offers such as these:

No Credit Check - Low 0-12% interest - No Down Payments - Cash Flow Positive Investments

Today, non-residential electricity consumers (businesses, non-profits, institutions) have a time-sensitive opportunity to combat climate change. During what is being referred to as the “Lighting Incentive Sweet Spot”. Your local utility company's Efficient Systems Retrofit Program in combination with an upstate New York lighting distributer’s rebate can replace aging, inefficient lighting equipment at 30% to 95% off. This is because in 2017 the prices of LED’s have gone down faster than the utility incentives can catch up with adjustments. Adjustments to lower the incentives are predicted to be made starting December 2017

According to the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) “power plants represent the single-largest source of carbon pollution, spewing two billion tons into the air each year”. Awareness of this fact is growing but now effective solutions to reduce energy are easily available and can be quickly implemented.

Lotus Energy, working side by side with local utility companies, will provide LED products and lighting upgrade services for non-residential utility customers and assist with incentive applications. Small business owners are rushing to take advantage of this no-cost offer to save up to 80% on energy costs with designer LED bulbs lasting 10 years or longer; while improving the lighting conditions of even the most upscale retail and office environments.

Just in Hudson NY alone, over 150 antique shops, art galleries, and office spaces have begun saving 1,500,000 lbs of carbon emissions annually saving business owners over $200,000 in yearly electricity costs.

Lotus Energy’s website has a user-friendly referral program to allow any person or environmental organization to pass along this knowledge while offering commissions and acknowledgements with carbon saving certificates.

To find out if this program is available in your area with your local utility company, share this opportunity.